29:58 - HD Video - 5.1 - English, French, and Mooré with English Subtitles - 2016

Lampoko is the name the people of Bissiga, Burkina Faso have given the western, volunteer aid-worker living in their village. Eschewing explanation of its subject's motives, the film instead explores the growing relationship between Lampoko, the filmmaker, and the Burkinabé community, creating a portrait of a woman navigating the liminal space of slow cultural immersion. Equally informed by visual ethnography, contemplative cinema, and the video diary, the film confronts assumptions of the "other" through distance and proximity. The camera follows Lampoko's daily routine and participates with her as she integrates into the culture, until filmmaker and viewer alike are left behind as outsiders. A film about solitude, rural community, and the playful spark at the heart of cultural exchange.